Forgotten Futures

Character Generator

By Andrew Coombes

Copyright © Andrew Coombes 1999

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This program generates characters according to the basic Forgotten Futures rules, based on 21 points and a maximum of three points allocated to any given skill.

Two text fields allow the entry of a character's name and profession. This data will be added to the character record the program produces.

There are various fields for points allocated to characteristics and skills, increased or decreased by clicking on the plus or minus buttons. The total of points remaining, and any bonus points, are shown in the top right boxes. If negative values are shown, more than 21 points have been spent to generate the character.

When you are happy with the allocation of points, click on either the "Text Character Sheet" or "HTML Character Sheet" button. These buttons open an applet window containing the character record, in ASCII text or simple HTML code, which can be copied and pasted to any word processor or HTML editor. To avoid disk problems which might arise when this program is used from read-only sources such as web sites or CD-ROM, it does not support direct file saving from these windows.

Refreshing this screen deletes all data entered into the program, and closes the applet window if open. Data is also cleared if this page is left.