ALL efforts have been made to ensure that this HTML version of The World Peril of 1910 uses the same spelling, punctuation, etc. as the original book; however, a few particularly obvious typos and errors of grammar and spelling have been corrected, and it is possible that some errors were introduced during OCR and the conversion to HTML and have not been detected. If complete accuracy is required for academic purposes you are strongly advised to obtain a copy of the original printed text. For various reasons a few deliberate changes have been made:

No attempt has been made to correct the curious French and German used by the author, or several rather dubious foreign names.

This appears to be the first edition; unusually for Griffith it was not illustrated. I have been unable to learn more of its publishing history, but it seems possible that an illustrated version was serialised in one or another of the magazines and papers published by Pearsons. Further information would be welcome. The cover was badly damaged, and the scan of it on the contents page has been processed to enhance colours and contrast; the mottled appearance is probably due to water damage, made more obvious by the processing, rather than the intention of the publisher. The spine was too badly faded to be worth scanning.

Several volunteers helped with corrections; I'd particularly like to thank Dom Hughes, Neal Houghton and Andreas Beck for their contributions.

June 2004