Forgotten Futures X - The Tooth And Claw Role Playing Game

By Marcus L. Rowland
With Additional Material By Jo Walton
& Art By Sue Mason & Marcus L. Rowland

A Roleplaying Sourcebook For
Jo Walton's
World Fantasy Award-Winning Novel

Game and Additional Resources

This is a complete tabletop role playing game based on Jo Walton's World Fantasy Award-Winning novel Tooth And Claw, containing everything needed to play except dice; a detailed background, a special version of the Forgotten Futures rules for dragon player characters, and adventures. Additional material includes a long excerpt from the unfinished sequel Those Who Favor Fire, character record sheets in various formats, covers and tables of contents for printing the PDF version of the RPG in three volumes, etc.
The Tooth And Claw Role Playing Game
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Extra Covers and contents pages for PDF version [1.2 MB]
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Those Who Favor Fire
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Zipped HTML version [316 K]
Character Record Sheets
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Euro A4 formatPDF [97 K] DOC [116 K] RTF [183 K]
HTML [4.4 K]
Cutout Paddle Steamer (PDF) [1.2 MB]
Sound clip, repetitive drum beat (MIDI) [8 K]
Flying dragon wearing bonnet with 'Votes for Dragonesses' sign

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