Images from the Carnaki Stories

I originally scanned the images for the earlier Carnaki stories from photocopies of their original magazines, then I had to reduce the file size considerably to put everything onto a single floppy disk. Somewhere along the way I lost the original scans and photocopies, and I was unable to add them when I set up my web site.

With the help of Rob Velte and the British Library I've now obtained scans of the images from most of the stories as they originally appeared. The exception is the artwork for The Hog in Weird Tales, which was by Lee Brown Coye (1907-1981) and is still in European copyright. This image is on line at, but please don't access it if you're in an area where it's still in copyright!
The Hog on

The Find had no magazine publication and there are no images. Allegedly The Haunted Jarvee had no illustrations on its magazine appearance, but I can't remember if I ever checked this. I will scan illustrations if there are any, and add them if they're out of European copyright.

Title Graphic for the Carnaki stories in The Idler

Title graphic for the Carnaki stories in The Idler

Illustrations for The Gateway of the Monster in The Idler

Carnaki talking to friends
Peter, the Butler
A large bedroom

Illustrations for The House Among the Laurels in The Idler

Gannington Manor
Carnaki is offered dogs
Seven men meeting

Illustrations for The Whistling Room in The Idler

Miss Donnehue
A Thump at the Door
Carnaki with ladder

Illustrations for The Horse of the Invisible in The Idler

Listening at the door
The cousin arrives
The cousin faints

Illustrations for The Searcher of the End House in The Idler

Finishing some letters
Wakened by a loud noise
The imprint of a wet foot

Title and Illustration for The Thing Invisible in The New Magazine (artist unknown)

Title and blurb for The Thing Invisible
The Waeful Dagger

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