Forgotten Futures X
Coming Attractions

by Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 2004

Right now I'm not 100% sure what the next Forgotten Futures project will be. Several ideas are under consideration, but there are problems with all of them, and I want to delay making an announcement until I'm sure about the availability and copyright status of some source material and illustrations.

One thing that should be in there is a rewrite of the Forgotten Futures rules. This will mostly be a clarification of the existing rules and won't make any major changes, but it will also gather together optional material that has appeared in some of the collections such as the melodramatic rules from FF VII and the magic rules from FF VIII.

I hope to have the next release out by the end of 2005, but unless people continue to support this project by registering as users and buying the FF CD-ROM I can't make any promises.

Marcus L. Rowland