Forgotten Futures IX

Registration and Order Form

Please complete the relevant sections of this form (copy it to a word processor and type in your data if possible, or clear handwriting).

Registered users will be sent Forgotten Futures X on CD-ROM as soon as it is complete, at least a month before it is generally available.

Please post (with payment) to
Marcus L. Rowland, 22 Westbourne Park Villas, London W2 5EA, ENGLAND

Payment Methods
Due to continuing banking problems I regret that the only forms of payment I can currently accept are Pounds Sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank account or US Dollar cheques drawn on a USA bank account. I'm aware that this causes problems for customers in other countries; the best option is probably to find someone who has a Sterling or Dollar bank account and persuade them to write a cheque. The only alternative I can suggest at present is to send cash (notes, not coins) by registered post. I'm looking at credit card payments via Paypal and other online services, but at present these don't seem to offer sufficient security or confidentiality.

Register FF IX only
Complete this section if you are registering as a user of the game, but do not want to order the FF CD-ROM.
Forgotten Futures IX (new user)10.0011.00 / $16.00$20.00____
Forgotten Futures IX (previously registered) 5.00 5.00 / $7.00$10.00____
(please quote registration no. if known) ____
Choose only one of the above!
Copy of FF IX on CD-ROM add1.001.00 / 1.50$2.00____
If you purchased the CD-ROM version 4.0 or 4.1 you are already a registered user of FF VIII but not FF IX.
CD-ROM version 5.0 includes registration of FF IX; complete the section below if you want to order it.
CD-ROMS are single session CD-R with HTML files, .GIF and .JPG graphics, .WAV sound files. Other formats are no longer supported. They should be compatible with most PCs including modern Macintosh computers (enable foreign file compatibility), Linux, OS/2, etc.
Upgrades on CD-ROM will contain FF X and some extra material; they are not the complete FF CD-ROM!
Copies of FF IX on CD-ROM contain FF IX plus the game rules and extra source material. All of this material is on the FF CD-ROM version 5.0

Forgotten Futures CD-ROM Version 5.0
The CD-ROM is by far the best way to buy Forgotten Futures; it contains all of the game collections, over 200 mb of support material, and more. Release 5.0 containing FF IX and more than 80mb of new material is available; the price includes registration of FF IX and a 10% donation to cancer research:

CD-ROM Version 5.0 (new user)18.0019.00 / $27.00$33.00____
Previously registered users pay12.0013.00 / $19.00$23.00____
Previous purchasers of the CD-Rom pay 8.00 9.00 / $13.00$16.00____
(please quote registration no. if known) ____
Choose only one of the above!

1Sterling cheque on a British bank
2Sterling cheque on a British bank or Dollar cheque on a US bank.
3Dollar cheque on a US bank.
Please do not send coins or credit card details, which cannot be used.