Forgotten Futures IV

The Carnacki Cylinders

A Roleplaying Sourcebook for William Hope Hodgson's Ghost Detective

by Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 1996, revised 1998

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A Small Apology
This material was originally published as shareware for distribution on 1.44MB floppy disks - since every byte counted, the illustrations were reduced in size considerably and converted to two-shade GIFs, and text was plain ASCII files. The later conversion to HTML was rushed and didn't do much to improve things, since at that point everything published for the game had to fit on a 20MB web site.

Forgotten Futures is no longer shareware; everything ever released for the game can be downloaded freely. Please ignore anything that asks you to register in any of these documents.

  • The Carnacki Stories:
    1. The Gateway of the Monster
    2. The House Among the Laurels
    3. An editor's apology and The Whistling Room
    4. The Horse of the Invisible
    5. The Searcher of the End House
    6. The Thing Invisible - 1912 version
      The Thing Invisible - revised version
    7. The Hog
    8. The Haunted Jarvee
    9. The Find
  • Publishing history etc.

  • Worldbook
  • Adventures

    The earlier stories are scanned from photocopies of the magazines in which they originally appeared, with the headings and art that accompanied them. The last three have only appeared in later printings of the collected Carnacki stories, which were not illustrated. The Thing Invisible is included in both versions; there are major differences between them.