Forgotten Futures XI - Planets of Peril


The Red Peri

The Planetary Stories
The collected Planetary Stories (PDF)  1109k
A Martian Odyssey   July 1934  60k
Valley of DreamsNov 193456k
Flight on TitanJan 193551k
Parasite PlanetFeb 193556k
The Lotus EatersApril 193561k
The Planet of DoubtOct 193564k
The Red PeriNov 1935107k
The Mad MoonDec 193551k
Redemption CairnMarch 193672k
Tidal Moon *Dec 1938
* Tidal Moon on line at Gutenberg Australia.

The last of these stories was mostly written by Weinbaum's sister Helen (later Helen Kasson); the story is still in European copyright and could not be included. See the game files for more on European copyright, and a list of other stories that have been omitted for this and other reasons.

The rest of Weinbaum's SF doesn't use the same background as the Planetary series, although there are occasional similarities; for example, rockets in The Black Flame resemble the eponymous spaceship of The Red Peri. Dawn of Flame and The Black Flame have been assembled as a single file, since they are usually published as one volume.

Pygmalion's Spectacles  June 193543k
The Worlds of IfAug 193536k
The IdealSept 193547k
The Adaptive UltimateNov 193551k
The Point of ViewJan 193639k
Proteus IslandAug 193678k
GraphSept 19367k
The Circle of ZeroOct 193639k
The Brink of InfinityDec 193626k
Shifting SeasJuly 193756k
Dawn of FlameJan 1939   410k
The Black FlameJune 1939
The New Adam1939317k
An Autobiographical Sketch of
Stanley G. Weinbaum

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