Forgotten Futures II

The Log of the Astronef

A Role Playing Sourcebook For George Griffith's Scientific Romance
Stories of Other Worlds

by Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 1994, revised 1998

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A role playing game set against the background of the exploration of the Solar System circa 1900. It includes a worldbook, five adventures, and illustrations from the stories and their novelisation A Honeymoon In Space. The full text of the stories and novel is also included.

  • Stories of Other Worlds:
    1. A Visit To The Moon
    2. The World Of The War God
    3. A Glimpse Of The Sinless Star
    4. The World Of The Crystal Cities
    5. In Saturn's Realm
    6. Homeward Bound

  • A Honeymoon In Space

  • Worldbook
  • Adventures
  • NEW! Mummies: The Next Generation - An FF2 campaign variant
  • This HTML version of Forgotten Futures 2 makes some small changes from the original release, mostly in adding links to illustrations etc., and second thoughts on some of the science and history of the worldbook. It also corrects some errata, and is modified slightly to conform to the latest version of the game rules. It adds all of the extra material that was previously part of The Astronef Collection.

    Please note that The Log of the Astronef was written several months before I obtained a copy of A Honeymoon In Space, which contradicts most of the historical background invented for the worldbook, some of the details mentioned in the adventures, and at a few points directly contradicts the original stories. Rather than rewrite the collection, I have added notes where these details conflict.