Forgotten Futures V

Goodbye Piccadilly...

A Role Playing Sourcebook for The Destruction, Modification, and Transformation of London, as Depicted by Various Eminent Authors and Learned Men in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

By Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 1998, portions Copyright © 1993-7

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London - The mighty metropolis...

A symbol of everything that Britain holds dear. In 1900 it is the greatest city on Earth, the concrete realisation of the wealth and prestige of the Empire.

But what if it should be destroyed, or changed until it is unrecognisable?

This collection explores stories and articles on that theme, and adds more examples of disasters that might affect the greatest city on Earth.

This CD-Rom release of Goodbye Piccadilly... makes some minor changes, mostly aimed at making it more compatible with Internet Explorer 4 and some older web browsers, adds links to larger versions of the graphics that accompany its stories and articles, and includes one extra story that had to be omitted from the original release for space reasons. It also corrects the numerous points at which I spelt "Piccadilly" wrong...

The third release of the CD-ROM adds the full text of River of Death, which was previously only included in an abridged form. The text of the worldbook etc. doesn't reflect this change.

  • Victorian / Edwardian Disaster Fiction and articles.
  • World Book
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