Forgotten Futures IX

Registration, Copyright, Etc.

Copyright Marcus L. Rowland © 2004, portions Copyright © 1993-2002

Most of the material in this collection, apart from period stories and illustrations, is copyright.

The collection is bigger than most role playing games and many novels. It represents a lot of work. If you like it you are asked to register

Why Register?

Maybe you don't like this collection. If so, why are you reading this file? Maybe you don't like the game rules, or would prefer another background. Maybe you like the whole thing, but just feel mean. After all, this is complete in itself (apart from the rules, which are readily available elsewhere). It isn't a piece of software, and I haven't disabled a vital function or imposed an artificial limit that will be put right if you get a registered program. I'm certainly not going to track you down and sue you if you are using my work without registering; life's too short and I want to see this game played, not ignored. So why register?

Your conscience should be one answer, but there are practical considerations too. Registering is the best way to tell me what I'm doing wrong (or right), and what you would like to see in future collections. It's the best way to ensure that you'll see Forgotten Futures X as soon as it appears. If you are a registered user and have a problem I'll do my best to help. For example, these collections are now HTML files because many of the registered users requested a change. If you haven't registered it's doubtful that I'll pay much attention to any queries or complaints you might have.

On a personal note, I earn a little money from each registered user. The more profitable this project becomes, the quicker FF X will appear. Forgotten Futures will be pushed to the back of my list of priorities if it doesn't help to pay the bills. This project will continue, regardless of profit, because I'm enjoying it, but I'll be able to give it more attention if you help to make it worth my while.


All of this collection is either written by myself or is in the public domain. Public domain material can, of course, be used freely. Reproduction of the stories and articles for scholastic purposes etc. is encouraged, but it should be made clear that these files are NOT GUARANTEED 100% ACCURATE - there are probably uncorrected errors. If this material is posted to academic sites, I would be grateful for the inclusion of a link to my own web site, which usually carries some additional Victorian / Edwardian material.


This collection is distributed as a user supported publication. You are welcome to make copies and distribute them, provided that the files are not modified in any way. You may NOT sell printouts etc., but MAY copy them for personal use and the use of players, provided that no charge is made.

Shareware Distributors, BBS, Web Sites, etc.: I have no objection to these files being distributed provided that they are not modified or separated, and provided that catalogue descriptions etc. make it clear that this is NOT a computer game. You may NOT sell "pre-registered" copies; users should send registration fees directly to the author.

Conversion to other formats is permissible, but please DO NOT modify the text in any way, or charge for the conversion. Please send me a copy! One important exception - due to the proliferation of Word macro "viruses" I'd strongly suggest that Word conversions should not be distributed.

Publication in other forms: the Forgotten Futures rules (including material from some of the FF worldbooks) and the source material and worlbook for FF II have been published in printed form by Heliograph Inc.; currently no further publications in this series are planned, and the rights are available to other publishers.

Publishing your own adventures: I have no objection to the publication of BRIEF Forgotten Futures-related adventures and articles in games magazines etc., provided that the source of the game is made clear. Be warned, I'll be trying to sell to this market too! I have STRONG objections to any unauthorised shareware or commercial publication of adventures, software, world books, etc. based on these rules, and will take all necessary action to stop it. If you REALLY want to try this, get my permission or write your own game first!

Rules Conversions: various legal cases have made it clear that some publishers object to their games being mentioned in "unauthorised" game supplements, such as "generic" adventures with statistics for a variety of game systems. For the record, I welcome BRIEF use of Forgotten Futures statistics and data in such publications, provided that:

  1. Source data from Forgotten Futures worldbooks isn't used.
  2. You contact me in advance to let me know what you are doing.
  3. You explain how to obtain these collections.
  4. You send me a copy on publication.
Translations: If anyone wants to ACCURATELY translate this collection into another language they are welcome to do so, but registration fees etc. must still be paid to me, and you may NOT charge for the translation. Please note that I am unable to check the accuracy of foreign versions; the English language version is definitive. Please contact me (in English!) before beginning a translation, in case someone else is already working on a version for your language.