By Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 2005, portions Copyright © 1993-2002

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APPENDIX - Sources

Recommended Reading (Non-Fiction)

Recommended Reading (Fiction)

This is a necessarily brief listing which can only cover a few personal favourites from hundreds of relevant stories and novels. It includes authentic scientific romances, and a good deal of modern SF and general fiction which relates to the field, or seems to derive style from it.

Recommended Viewing

Another brief listing of a few personal favourites:


Numerous other comics have attempted an evocation of the style of the scientific romance, but most have failed dismally.

Old Maps

Replica and reprinted maps are wonderful props for any game, and a useful starting point for "future cities" as they were imagined around the turn of the century. It should be possible to obtain them for most areas; the examples that follow are useful for a British campaign.

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