Forgotten Futures VI

Victorian Villainy

The World of Melodrama and Criminal Fiction, 1820-1914, and Melodramatic Role Playing Rules and Adventures

Written and edited by Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 1999, portions Copyright © 1993-8

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Illustration from
'A Bid For Fortune'
by Guy Boothby

The Vampire by J. R. Planche (1820)
Frankenstein; or The Man and the Monster by H.M. Milner (1826)
The Bells by Leopold Lewis (1871)

Melodramatic Fiction
A Bid for Fortune by Guy Boothby (1895) *
The Amateur Cracksman by E. W. Hornung (1899)
A Bubble Burst by Fred M. White (1902) *
* Note: Due to space restrictions some illustrations could not be included in the floppy disk versions of these files. All are on the Forgotten Futures CD-Rom; follow the links from each file to the fully illustrated versions, extra stories, etc.

Role Playing Material
Victorian Villainy - A Sourcebook for Melodrama & Melodramatic Fiction
The Cunning Fiends! - Adventures in Melodrama & Melodramatic Fiction

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