Forgotten Futures IX
It's My Own Invention...
Adventures in Victorian and Edwardian Weird Science and Technology
Written and edited by Marcus L. Rowland
Copyright © 2004, portions Copyright © 1993-2002

Source Material
Vickers 'Rapier'The Outlaws of the Air - George Griffith (complete novel)
The World Peril of 1910 - George Griffith (complete novel)
The Tachypomp and other stories - Edward Page Mitchell (stories)
Silas P. Cornu's Dry Calculator - Henry A. Hering (short story)
The Lady Automaton - E.E. Kellett (short story)
A Corner In Lightning - George Griffith (short story)
Patent Applied For - Bernard Owen (article)
The New Wizard of the West - Chauncy Montgomery M'Govern (article)
The White Magician - Rudolph De Cordova (article)

Role Playing Material:
It's My Own Invention...
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